White Rock Center for Sculptural Arts is a backyard art space run by two working artists. Since 2019, we have invited artists to mount temporary outdoor art installations for a weekend event held in the late summer. We extend the invitation out of generosity to share the land and provide a platform for experimentation.

We are not accepting submissions at this time. Due to the sensitive nature of the site (our home/studios) we invite artists with wide-ranging dedicated studio practices whose work we are familiar with and have established a personal and professional relationship.

We operate on a shoestring budget. As yet, we have not secured outside funding. It has been challenging to convince municipal funders to support an event on private property, despite it being a public event. We hope to eventually extend the kind of financial support we believe artists deserve. In the meantime, please consider donating via Venmo: @courtney-Puckett-2 or Paypal courtneygpuckett@gmail.com. We appreciate it!

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