Summer Invitational IV, 2022

White Rock Center For Sculptural Arts Summer Invitational IV: Collage/Assemblage

Opening reception
Saturday August 6, 3-6pm
Additional viewing day: Sunday August 7, 11-5pm



Natalie Beall@natalie_beall
Vernon Byron@ten_yaksha
Melissa Dadourian@stringgirl
Jesse Gelaznik@gelaznik
Daniel Giordano@danieljgiordano
Gracelee Lawrence@gleeleelawlee
Jennifer Macdonald@jen.madeline
Rebecca McGee Tuck@rebeccabombshellart
Andrea McGinty @_andmcg
Gelah Penn@gelahpenn
Mandolyn Rosen@mandolyn_rosen
Amy Talluto@talluts

This year, White Rock Center for Arts’ thematic Summer Invitational IV: Collage/Assemblage, invites artists to mount a temporary outdoor art installation that considers collage (associated with two-dimensional art forms) or assemblage (associated with three-dimensional art forms) in our contemporary moment. The impulse to collect and repurpose, to create new meanings from disparate elements is an infinitely renewable and inventive process that each artist in this exhibition explores in different and expansive ways. Traditionally, collage/assemblage involves a process of joining various materials from the ordinary and the commonplace. Although present in material culture across the globe since ancient times, in the early 20th century, combining fragments of found material into an artform was radical to the western art canon.

Diane Waldman writes:

“Throughout this [20th] century, collage has come to symbolize a revolution in the nature of making art. Collage has often emphasized concept over end product; it has steered the meaning of process; it has brought the incongruous into meaningful congress with the ordinary and given the uneventful, the commonplace, the ordinary a magic of its own”.

Waldman, Diane. Collage, Assemblage, and the Found Object. New York: Harry N. Abrams Incorporated, 1992.

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